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Český Krumlov, that is a real jewell of the south Bohemia, will be introduced to you in various ways, according to whom is the introducer. The travell agencies will boast largely, telling you that the Old town was in 1992 added to the UNESCO list. Historic architecture admirers will tell you that the palace´s area is one of the largest areas of its type in Europe. Culture lovers will tell you something about the oldest baroque theatre in the world and about the numerous festival and activities, that take place there throughout the year. Actors can not forget to mention the Revolving auditorium, resembling the antic amphiteatre. Advetnure lovers will invite you on the Vltava river sailing or on the Night sightseeing.

Everyone, who has visited Krumlov, remembers one thing – the wonderful atmosphere of the town, which somehow stopped in its evolution sometimes in the past. Historic buildings with crooked streets hide picturesque squares with restaurants that offer a wonderful sit during the summer nights. The traditional czech cuisine is being prepared there and there is a possibility of being refreshed by the famous beer in the Eggenberg brewery.

Český Krumlov has many things to offer to everyone and you may spend there nice, several days lasting, holiday and not get bored. The Museum of wax scupltures and Musem of exectuion right dominate the large number of other museums and galleries. If you have your children with you there, take them to the Fairytale house or just have a ride on the train in the Graphite mine. But anyway, do not leave the town before you experience a nice walk during the sunset…

Inernational Music Festival
Feast of five-leaves rose
Revolving auditorium
Penzion Vyšehrad
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