Český Krumlov

History of the theatre

A theatre placed in the nature was popular even in the antic era. The Krumlov amphitheatre was firstly rotated in 1958. Performances in the darkened palace´s garden were and still are very successfull. Since today 2 810 performances were played there that were seen by more than 1 700 000 spectactators.

Fueled by man´s energy

A theatre in Český Krumlov plays an important role in the Bohemian territory since the medieval era. However, the local palace garden with Bellaria villa, that is one of the most precios buildings of its type in Bohemia, hosted the first ansamble in 1947. Shakespear´s Twelfth Night, or What You Will was played there, the stage setter was Joan Brehms. Probably it was in that times when the idea of revolving auditorium crossed his mind.

The first auditorium in the Krumlov palace´s garden was rotated in june of 1958. Nobody knew that the auditorium was rotated by people´s force. One year later the auditorium was re-built and the capacity was enlargened from the former 60 spectators to 400. Forty people were needed to move the auditorium round. The performance of Jirásek´s Lucerna was immensely famous and thus was repeated not three times (as it was planned), but even twenty-three times!

Joan Brahms, „father“ of the
 idea of revolving auditorium
The first little try, 1958
The revolving auditorium
fueled by people´s force, 1959

Made by „Škodovka“ (Škoda company)

Český Krumlov revolving auditorium was given its first electric engine in 1960, when it was rebuilt in a way that the capacity was enlargened to 550 spectators. Today´s rotating engine is from years 1989 and 1993, it was designed and built by Škoda Plzeň company. Nonproblematic and smooth movement from side to side is ensured by four electric engines, the whole construction weights 650 tons and 658 spectators may be there.

Today´s looks of the
revolving auditorium
Today´s looks of the
revolving auditorium
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