Český Krumlov

How you can get there

Český Krumlov can be found in the south Bohemia, approximately 20km southwards from České Budějovice. The journey from Prague is 180km long and takes some two and a half hours.

By car:

Use the highway D1 from Prague, then using highway D3 to get on the international road E55, that leads you to České Budějovice. From there use the road E55, and then turn right to the road No. 39 that leads to Český Krumlov.
From Germany through Šumava using the road 39.
From Austria using the international road E55, then turn left on the road no.157

By train:

The connection through České Budějovice (from Prague or Brno, it is necessary to change) goes there. In České Budějovice even the majority of international trains from Prague to Zürich or from Prague to Wien stay.

By bus:

From Prague a straight connection operates several times a day, other connections are possible, but you have to change in České Budějovice (connection from Prague or Brno). In České Budějovice several international connection stop.

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