Český Krumlov

Interesting fountains

Would Český Krumlov be so famous without its very nicely painted historic houses and its inhabitants? Would the local palace be famous without its croocked narrow streets and romantic corners that surround it? It is not in our possibilities to show you every interesting stone, every sculpture and building. However, when you walk through the town, you will not miss one interesting thing – you will find a fountain nearly everywhere.

Fountain on the Náměstí Svornosti square

The most beautiful and the most important fountain in Krumlov, that can not be missed even by the most bussiest tourist, surrounds the so-called Plague pillar in the central square. Stony container with six sides is surrounded by a fence. The fountain is decorated by lion´s heads that spout the water out. Although that particular fountain was built in 1843, the history of carrying water to the square is much longer. The wooden container for water was built there by Jan from Rožmberk in the 14th century.

Walking from one fountain to another

The need for drinking water caused the construction of water system even in the early 15th century. Reservoirs of larger and smaller sizes to which the water flew thanks to the wooden and later metal pipes were built. Remnants of this system are today only several fountains and stony containers, less or more deteriorated, less or more decorated. During your walk through Český Krumlov you will find them on every square, in the yards or on the streets. If you want to remember the times gone, just come to the fountain and chat with the local people. That was the way of spreading information and rumours in times when no mobile phones or internet connection were available.

If the fountains found in Roosevelt, Kostelní and Široká streets or on Plešivecké náměstí square are not anyhow special, the fountain on the square of Eggenberg brewery is proud on its age. On its side a coat of arms of Krumlov duchy together with the year 1666 are inscribed. The interesting fountain can be found also on Masná street, that fountain is two hundred and two years younger, however it was made from the only piece of stone. It is decorated by the plastic of rubbing board – that means the fountain was probably used for cleaning of clothes.

Stony containers and garden lion

Some containers can be easily missed – they resemble abandonned stony baths. One of them is in Klášterní street, the second one in Nové město and others can be found near the theatre´s garden. One of this containers feeds the wonderful flower bed in Kaplická street. However, the well-known Krumlov´s lion in Jelení garden can not be missed. The gargoyle in the form of animal´s head is still functioning and very popular amongst the tourists, mainly during warm summers.

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