Český Krumlov

Legends and fables

Many legends and fables are connected with the historic palace in Český Krumlov. It is no wonder that the most famous fables are bound to the Rožmberk family, becouse during their „reign“ the town flourished the most.

About a white lady and a treasure hidden in the wall

Probably the best known bohemian White lady is Prechta from Rožmberk, whose ghost appeared (and probably still appears) on Krumlov palace. This noblewoman was married to a rich man, however she was not happy with him. She found her happines after his death, when she helped poor and ill people. She did not stop doing this even after her death. She appeared in the palace many times to help or advice her ancestors.

Once, when she soothed young Petr Vok, the future famous ruler of the domain, she was caught by a housemaid. The simple woman did not know, who she was facing so she asked the strangely pale lady to leave the room. However, when Prechta dissappeared in the wall, the housemaid realised what had she done. When Petr Vok grown to a young man, she told him the strange story. Petr dug the wall in which Prechta vanished and found a huge treasure in it.

About a golden peacock

There is a maxim being told in Český Krumlov: „The good times in Bohemia will be only when the golden peacocks will sweat the wine.“ Do you want to know, on which occassion the local people made this maxim?

In 1550 the reign of the domain was taken by Wilhelm from Rožmberk and the town flourished in a way it had never done before. The nobleman was not only rich and powerful, but also very skilled and open-handed. Once he was visited by the italian Ursine family, who asked him to show them the famous Rožmberk treasures the day after. In the night he gathered all the inhabitants of Krumlov and told them, that a foreign nobleman wanted to be paid one million in cash, or he would attack the domain and the people would serve him. People, scared by the news, gathered all their wealth and gave it to Wilhelm. The said, that they would give him anything just to have him as a ruler.

The next day Wilhelm showed his treasures to the visitors. Except his own gold and precious stones the Ursine family say packs full of money that filled four chambers. „Those money are not mine, but they are owned by my people.“ explained Wilhelm and revealed the way how did he get them. „It is not my treasure, that makes me happy, it is the loyalty of my people, that are able to give everything to me. Their love is the most valuable and expensive treasure of all.“

When Ursine family went home, Wilhelm gathered people to the palace, explained everything and gave them all their wealth back. Rožmberk lord organised a huge regale, on which the best wine was drunk and the wine was poured from the bowl in the peacock shape. And that is the origin of the maxim.

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