Český Krumlov

Night sightseeings

Adress: Cestovní agentura Oto Šrámek; Křížová 442, 381 01 Český Krumlov
Telephone/fax: +420 380 714 402
E-mail: oto.sramek@seznam.cz

Ticket selling in the information centre!

Opening times:

april, september, october daily from 7:30p.m.
may-august daily from 8:30p.m.

Attention! The sightseeings are being done in english and german languages, the sightseeing in czech language has to be ordered in advance on the telephone number +420 602 428 016 or e-mail oto.sramek@seznam.cz.

Entrance fee:

OLD TOWN 250 Kč/person(children younger 10 - free)
OLD TOWN AND PALACE COURTYARDS 300 Kč/person (children younger 10 – free)

You have experienced your walk through the town, you have eaten in several stylish restaurants and now you do not want to have a dinner… and what is more, you are a real romantic, you are fascinated by the atmosphere of historic architecture. So… just have a walk through Český Krumlov at night, when the shops are closed, when the crooked streets darken and the biggest monuments are more mystic thanks to the street lights.

You may choose two sightseeing paths:

Old town (approximately 60 minutes) – With the guidance of a professional guide, who strenghtens the magic atmosphere by low and quiet voice, you will go through the historic centre of Český Krumlov. You will be introduced to the history of the town, to its architectonic evolution and something about the present. Your imagination will be challenged by the stories about Krumlov foundation, Rudolph´s II mad assistent and a fake alchymist. More realistic persons will admire showings of local architecture, namely the ordinery houses and church of saint Vít.

Old town and palace´s courtyards (approximately 90 minutes) – After the historic centre of Český Krumlov sightseeing you will see the most important part of the town – the majestic palace with its five courtyards. The night sightseeing ends near the baroque theatre on the fifths courtyard.

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