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We really do not wonder, that you would not find enough amusement in Český Krumlov. However, if you spent your whole holiday in the south Bohemia, you would probably want  to see something more, than an urban area. We hope that following tips will be interesting enough and will be a good inspiration for you to plan your trips.

CHKO Blanský les (Protected natural area Blanský les (forest) )

type of area of interest: preserved natural areas, historic monuments
distance: 0 km
contact: Vyšný 59, 381 01 Český Krumlov; telephone: +420 380 301 031; fax: +420 380 301 049; e-mail: blanles@nature.cz

The protected natural area Blanský forest, full of well marked tourist tracks, is located northwards from Český Krumlov. More than a half of the area is covered by forests, in which, except the interesting fauna and flora, historic monuments can be found. One of the most romantic sites in there is the ruin of Dívčí kámen (Girl´s stone) castle.

Blanský forest is an ideal place for recreation in every season during the whole year. In the summer you may just walk or organise a cycling trips and in the winter you may ski or do some other winter sports. However, anytime you go there, you can not miss the wonderful view from the highest hill of the region – Kleť (1083 metres above the sea level) During the pleasant weather and good visibility you may even see the tips of Alps. If you do not want to climb the hill on your own, you may use a lift.

Rožmberk nad Vltavou

type of area of interest: a castle
distance: approximately 15 km
contact: Obecní úřad Rožmberk nad Vltavou, PSČ: 382 18; telephone: +420 380 749 820; fax: +420 380 749 846; e-mail: OUrozmberk@ck.ipex.cz

A castle, that is famous for its White lady who somtimes still wanders on the castle walls, was built by Vítkov family. Very well preserved is the so-called Dolní hrad (the lower castle), its age is very high – it was built in the 13th century, however its looks were determined by the rennaissance reconstruction and other gothic changes. Interiors of the object show us, that the local nobility liked luxury and beauty.


type of area of interest: UNESCO monument
distance: approximately 20 km
contact on the information centre: +420 387 982 145

The picturesque south bohemian village is the unique exhibition of the so-called peasant´s baroque. The local houses are preserved in the way as they looked in the 19th century, they are added to the list of world´s cultural and natural heritage UNESCO. The Peasant feasts are organised there every summer.

Cistercine monastery in Vyšší Brod

type of area of interest: duchovní památka
distance: asi 20 km
contact: Cisterciácké opatství Vyšší Brod, Klášter 137, 382 73 Vyšší Brod; telephone: +420 777 326 384; fax: +420 380 746 588; e-mail: tours@vyssibrod.cz

The gothic monastery in Vyšší Brod was founded in 1259 by Vok from Rožmberk. It is said that during the pilgrimages round the south Bohemia he nearly drowned in the Vltava river. Only thanks to the miracle and his prayers he had found a shallow and saved his life. The monastery that is today adored by many tourists was founded as a thanks to Madonna –God´s mother. And the monastery was used by her admirers – the cistercian monks.


type of area of interest: waterplace, bathing
distance: approximately 20 km 
information about the location: http://www.lipno.sumavanet.cz/lipno/

Hluboká nad Vltavou

type of area of interest: a palace
distance: approximately 30 km
information about the location: www.zamek-hluboka.cz

Boubínský prales

type of area of interest: countryside
distance: approximately 40 km
information about the location:: www.boubinsky-prales.cz

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