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Český Krumlov is the town of a rich culture and you will find a museum or a gallery nearly on every steop. On the following lines we choose several places for you, that you should not miss on your trip there. For the actual information about the objects please use the contacts listed below. Actual and detailed information about museums and galleries are available in the information centre.

Muzeum marionet (Marionettes museum)

Adress: Latrán č. 6; 381 01 Český Krumlov (Martin Lokaj)
Telephone: +420 380 711 175
Fax: +420 380 711 077
E-mail: info@marionettemuseum.com

Opening times:

01.06.2010 - 31.08.2010
daily 9a.m. – 6p.m.
01.09.2010 - 30.10.2010 daily 10a.m. – 4p.m.

Entrance fees:

adults 80 Kč
students, seniors 50 Kč
family fee 170 Kč

The marionettes museum in Český Krumlov – museum full of complete marionette theatres with decorations and curtains, is located in the former church of Saint Jošt. Exhibits are from the second half of the 19th century and are complemented with the exhibition of modern marionettes from the National marionette theatre. At the end of your sigthseeing you may buy one of the marionettes as a souvenire.

Museum of building history and crafts in Český Krumlov

Adress: Dlouhá 92; 381 01 Český Krumlov (Mgr. Jiří Bloch)
Telephone: +420 380 711 681
Mobil: +420 724 054 738
E-mail: artes@ckrumlov.cz

Opening times:

april-december from Thursday to Saturday 11a.m. – 4p.m.

Entrance fees:

adults 30 Kč
children, students, seniors 20 Kč

If you want to know something about the building history of Český Krumlov and you do not have time for several-days-long trip round the town, just visit the museum in Dlouhá street. Exhibition will show you several building styles that influenced the town´s history in an extraordinary style – the showcases and information panels are built from the old doors and windows. The exhibition is complemented by the plans of the Old town with several most important entrances and other architectonic features are shown. What is more – if the group of visitors is large enough you may see very interesting video projection. 

Photography house

Adress: Šatlavská č. p. 141; 381 01 Český Krumlov
Telephone/fax: +420 380 712 206
E-mail: waxmuseumck@quick.cz

Opening times:

january-february daily 10a.m. – 4p.m.
march-december daily 10a.m. – 6p.m.

Entrance fees:

adults 100 Kč
children, students, seniors 60 Kč

A gallery, in which exhibition of czech photographers take place. In the Photography house you will find the store in which the books published by authors are sold.

Agency of Bohemian ceramics design

Adress: Příkrá 246; 381 01 Český Krumlov (Miroslav Páral)
Telephone/fax: +420 380 715 753
E-mail: paral@virtual-gallery.cz

The only art organisation in Bohemia that exhibits the ceramics production of professional artists from Bohemia and Moravia. This agency organises interesting exhibitions even in Český Krumlov. For detailed information please use the contacts listed above.

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