Český Krumlov

Sacral monuments

Palace´s chapell: link on the palace governors
Saint Vít Church: adress: Horní 156, 381 01 Český Krumlov
telephone: +420 380 711 336
Saint Jošt Church: adress: Latrán 6, 381 01 Český Krumlov (Martin Lokaj)
telephone: +420 380 711 175
e-mail: info@marionettemuseum.com
Chapell on Křížový vrch hill: adress: Horní 156, 381 01 Český Krumlov (Prelátský úřad Český Krumlov)
telephone: +420 380 711 336
Synagogue: adress: Českokrumlovský rozvojový fond, spol. s r.o., Masná 131, 381 01 Český Krumlov (Jiří Rosenkranz)
telephone: +420 724 722 623
e-mail: synagogue@ckrumlov.cz

If you want to pray in Český Krumlov, the palace´s chapell or Church of Saint Vít will serve this purpose well for you. However, the other sacral monuments are still worth your attention, at least their exteriors are worth it. If you want to see the interiors, contact the local governor of the object.

Saint Jošt Church

In God´s governance

The publicly available Church of Saint Vít is proud on the fact, that amongst the all of Český Krumlov sacral monuments it is the oldest. The gothic building from the first half of the 15th century stands on the foundations of the even oldest church, that could have been found there in 1309.

Only a few years younger is the Church of Saint Jošt – tower of which can be seen together with the palace´s tower on the majority of photographs from Český Krumlov. Although the nowadays looks of the sacral monument differ from the ones in the past, the former church that had been a part of Rožmberk nobility hospital is resembled by some gothic details. Today, the Museum of Marionettes is located there.

Go on a pilgrimage even without a priest

The blue touristic mark heading towards the Křížový vrch hill offers the wonderful walk using the road surrounded by sacral monuments. Your aim may be the view on the town as well as visitation of Saint Mary Chapell and Chapell of Saint Cross. The building from 1710 is, unfortunately, not available for public. If you want to visit this place during some event, just use the great opportunity created by the local priest. Since 1991, on the Saint Cross Holiday, pilgrimages are organised.

Český Krumlov and Jews

However, Český Krumlov does not hide Christian monuments only. A synagogue can be found in the town, one of the few that survived the world wars. Its history is not very long, the local jewish community built it in 1909. Jews in Český Krumlov did not have easy lives in the past as well. As in the other bohemian towns, they were forced to live in periphery of the town and of the society and if they could even travel during the reign of Jan Luxeburgský or Karel IV, thy could not do so only few years later under the reign of Rožmberg family. Only in 1849 they were allowed to move from the town.

The Krumlov neoromanic synagogue with a tower served only for thirty years. During the Second world war the Krumlov Jews were together with others transferred to the concentration camps, then the object was used by american army. Even today the army symbol can be seen on the walls of the synagogue.

Today the object is not available for public and its future is not very clear.

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