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Segway tour

Adress: Segway Rent; Latrán 77 (hotel Bellevue); 381 01 Český Krumlov
Telephone: +420 602 398 812
E-mail: segway@segway-rent.cz

Segway Tour is organised according to the interest of visitors from april to december daily from 8a.m. to 10p.m. The guide for one to four tourists can be ordered by telephone, e-mail or right in the Segway rent. If you are interested, you depart to the trip immediately!


Spin (30 minutes) 750 Kč
Round (60 minutes) 1500 Kč
Tour (90 minutes) 2000 Kč

You do not want to walk round the town and you do not want to use the mass transport… So, just hire the Seqway and make a pleasant drive through the town! You do not have to restrict yourself on your extraordinary sightseeing – the Seqway ride is fully legal and allowed everywhere where pedestrians may go. What is more, you will „get“ a guide to your Seqway, who will show you the interesting places in the surroundings, that hide very nice views on the town.

How is the Segway operated?

The Segway has two big wheels connected with a platform on which you stay and operate the runabout. The driving is done by body movements, so you do not have to be afraid of feet pain and you will move yourself anyway. If you want to stop, just stay straight. If you like roundabouts – turn yourself in 360°.

The advantage of the Segway lies in a fact that except the crooked streets and squares of the old town, you are able to ho through less accessible places. You will appreciate the Segway, when you will go on the longer trips round Český Krumlov town, to the forests and meadows. 

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