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Michaela „Mysha“ Košťálová
A young travellers, journalist and photographer. Since 2006 she works for Online Travel Solutions company and cooperates externally with other print and digital media that are oriented on the tourism and travelling (e.g. Cestopisy, Atlas.cz, HedvabnaStezka.cz). She has visited Egypt, Kenya, Tunis, Iran, Turkey, Brazil and nearly all european states. Pictures and articles from her journeys (but not only them) can be found on www.myshaweb.cz.


Agency for tourism CzechTourism.

Archive of  Jihočeské divadlo (Southbohemian theatre)  (Revolving auditorium): www.otacivehlediste.cz

Archive of  Dad activities s.r.o. company : www.firemni-akce.org

Archive of Siedel photogallery: www.seidel.cz

Archive of Fairytale house – Museum of Marionettes: www.inspirace.krumlov.cz

We thank a lot for historic pictures, paintings and postcards to Mr. Petr Fabian: http://hrady.hyperlink.cz/stare.htm


A special thanks go to the SHOCART company for providing cartographic material for further publication.

For the maps provided we thank also to Centrum.cz company.

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