Český Krumlov

History of the town

Probably the well known year in the history of Český Krumlov is the year 1992. In this year the town, which architecture did not change for twho hundred years, added to the list of UNESCO cultural heritage. The palace area and the whole town centre with crooked streets surrounded by historic buildings seems to be still living in the 18th century. However, what had been happening before?

Krumlov as a „crooked meadow“

The area of today´s Český Krumlov was inhabitet even before the chronicle writers mentioned Christ´s birth. In the younger chalkolithic age Kelts settled in the area of Vltava meander in southern Bohemia. The first Slavs came in the 6th century after Christ. The name of the town was taken from the german name „Krumben Ouwe“ that can be freely translated as „crooked floodplain“ or „crooked meadow“.

The most beautiful tower

The Krumlov castle, that was later on rebuilt to the palace, was founded in 1250 and several years after we may find the first written mention about the town named Český Krumlov. After Vítkov family and after the Krumlov nobility the palace was owned by Rožmberk family. In that times the town enjoyed its greatest popularity.

Petr I. from Rožmberk founded a hospital and several churches in Krumlov. Except christian monks of many kinds he welcome even Jews, who governed the finances of the local nobility. During the Rožmberk times the medieval castle was rebuilt to the luxurious palace with tower in rennaissance style, that was in its time considered to be the most beautiful in Bohemia.

The oldest baroque theatre in the world

In the 1622 Český Krumlov was ruled by Eggenberk family, from which the most famous member was Jan Christián. He founded the famous baroque theatre, that is worldwide unique even today.

The last important changes were done by Schwarzenberg family in the second half of the 18th century. Since then Český Krumlov preserves the romantic atmosphere, that attracts many tourists every year.

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