Český Krumlov

Visit of the brewery

Adress: Pivovar Eggenberg a. s.; Latrán 27; 381 15 Český Krumlov
Telephone: +420 380 711 426
E-mail: pivovar@eggenberg.cz

Opening times:

daily for the whole year from 11a.m. (visitors are gathered in front of the brewery gate)

Entrance fee:

Normal sightseeing100 Kč
Sightseeing with tasting (2 x 0,5 l) of any type of beer in the brewery´s restaurant130 Kč
Sightseeing with tasting (2 x 0,5 l) of any type of beer in the brewery´s restaurant
+ gift package (4 types of Eggenberg beer)
180 Kč
Sightseeing with tasting (2 x 0,5 l) of any type of beer in the brewery´s restaurant
+ free pick from the brewery´s menu
380 Kč
Sightseeing with tasting of any type and any volume of beer in the brewery´s restaurant
+ free pick from the brewery´s menu
480 Kč

Český Krumlov would have lost many of its touristic attractivity, if there were no restaurants preparing traditional czech cuisine. One of the most stylish restaurants can be found in the Eggenberg brewery, where the beer is being prepared for four hundred years without any interruption. In the present times, 50 thousand hectolitres is being produced here and you may taste a few sips of the golden water in the local restaurant named Formanka.

Sitting in the fridge

The Eggenberg brewery operates in the former widow-place of Anna from Rogendorf, mother of the last Rožmberks. An armory was standing next to the house. In the first half of the 17th century, when the domain was owned by Eggenberg family, a brewery was built there, that had been reconstructed in the baroque style by Schwarzenberg family.

In the 19th and 20th centuries the brewery underwent a modernisation. Except the steam operating engine more vaults were built. And a fridge was built in the attic. This area, that is situated above the vaults in which the beer matures, is today used as a restaurant. You may pick some tasty meal from the menu there, and not only after the brewery sightseeing, anytime you are warlmy welcome.

Quarrels about a beer

However, the beer making history in Český Krumlov is even older than the history of the local brewery – and just to be precise: the history of the town is as long as the history of beer making there. Even in the 13th century the Krumlov nobility drunk beer from the palace´s brewery right on the courtyard and ordinary people drunk only water. The first time the beer making was mentioned was in 1336.

However, the production of golden water was not only prosperous but it brought some very serious quarrels. Today, the beer is produced from barley, however – in the past it was made from wheat and it is neccesary to say, that wheat beer was sold better. Two townhalls, that were operating on the area of today´s Český Krumlov, argued for so long about the right to produce wheat beer, that the two small towns were connected to one (Krumlov) by Wilhelm from Rožmberk in 1555.

According to the historic sources there was an inn in every eight house. So there is no wonder in the fact, that the supply was insufficient. In 1560 Wilhelm built a brewery and profits from that manufacture reached 50 percent of the all profits of the domain. As it was said – the fame of beer making did not fade during the Eggenberg era. And as you may see today – the fame still has not faded away.

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